FINGERPRINTS (On Canvas) :: Karen O'Connor
FINGERPRINTS (On Canvas) :: Karen O'Connor
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He said my chi was unbalanced
Suggested I wear a red linen shawl
Around my waist - to keep my liver warm

Yoda of the herb world
Laughed at my expression
Admitted it sounded odd

But red always means heat, he explained
So I wore it, next to my kidneys
Like the scarlet woman

Wrapped in reminders of lust
I wore it for my gall bladder
For all hope of redemption

Then he heated me with Bamboo & Hoelen
Spiced me with Cinnamon
Peppered me with Peony

Seasoned so, he grilled me lightly
For three years, turning every quarter
Until my mouth grew apples

My skin sprouted olives
Peppers hung where my breasts had been.
Then he wrapped me in vine leaves

And buried me on the shore.
Warmed by the earth I waited - centuries
Until, I was born from my sand womb

Wriggling out in a gush of warm sea water
Naked but for the birthmark
A ring of red around my middle

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about the book

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