FINGERPRINTS (On Canvas) :: Karen O'Connor
FINGERPRINTS (On Canvas) :: Karen O'Connor
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A blackbird flies home
His beak full of chips
As if he'd been to the takeaway
Rushing home to feed his family

I too feel like my mouth is full
Threatening to spill over
Falling from the sky on people's heads
Pouring from my lips - streams

Not sentences or logic
Just angry frustrated feathers
Crowd my mouth
Dry tickle my throat

Coughing out
Small black filaments
Blocking out the light
Like millions of tiny blackbirds

Fluttering round my head.
Then twigs for nest building
Horse hair for binding,
Speckled eggs bubble forth

Until I remember my role
- Catching a shadow against sky
I follow the blackbird home
To steal his family

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about the book

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