FINGERPRINTS (On Canvas) :: Karen O'Connor
FINGERPRINTS (On Canvas) :: Karen O'Connor
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God Child - Still Birth

   for Louie Joseph Collins
I am your Godmother
And yet when you were born
I didn't want to hold you, or touch you
I couldn't see past those plastic flowers
They'd wrapped your tiny peeling fingers round
Or the image of you being transported
From the labour ward in the blanket covered Moses basket
Or the room with the holy pictures and the low-watt lamp
Where you waited for our introduction

I was blinded by your frowning forehead
Your skin dark from waiting to be born
Hold him, hold him, pick him up and hold him
I took pictures, closed my eyes through the lens
Looked at the small table lamp, the crochet blanket, the floor

I watched your Nana though, my sister
Take away the plastic flowers; scoop you gently into her arms
And talk to you, talk to you
My darling little boy
I'm your Nana and I've waited a long time to meet you
It's okay my darling, you're safe now, nothing can harm you

And without warning you were there, in my arms
Surprised by the weight of you, the feel of you
I held you to my breast and closed my eyes
And I met you      I met you
No words can explain that meeting
But I met you       I met you

Now, when I am quiet, alone, painting
You pull the kitchen chair to the table
Kneel up to get a better view
Your curls wiry and unruly
Bounce with your rhythm
As your small fingertips - dip in the paint
Often leaving their mark at the edge of my canvas

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about the book

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