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Karen O'Connor

Karen O'Connor's first collection FINGERPRINTS (On Canvas) was published in April 2005. Her second collection, Between The Lines, also by Doghouse Books, was published in June 2011

I think I'll never forget reading FINGERPRINTS (On Canvas) for the first time. It was such a delight to discover a voice powered by a spirit of passionate celebration while at the same time confronting dark, difficult emotions, situations and ideas. This is a brilliant, humane, memorable book.
Dr. Brendan Kennelly

I found O’Connor’s (Between The Lines) a stunning collection with no false notes.
Frances Devlin-Glass

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Irish poet Karen O’Connor
“is a poet capable of surprising, delighting and occasionally astounding the reader”
“writes lucidly, evocatively, powerfully”.
“is most effective when she does not attempt to charm the reader with sentiment, then her voice carries a unique boldness …..”

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