Between The Lines
FINGERPRINTS (On Canvas) :: Karen O'Connor
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Between The Lines is a book about relationships (wife, mother, father, daughter, brother, lover etc) and how these relationships shape the people we become and the way we look at the world around us

Reviews for FINGERPRINTS (On Canvas) by Karen O'Connor

Check out Between The Lines, poetry collection by Karen O'Connor, wonderful poignancy, had the audience enthralled

Sue Leonard (Author and Journalist)
West Cork Literary Festival 2011

Between The Lines - Karen O'Connor - In this collection she explores what it means to be a woman whether as mother, wife, lover or friend. She also addresses the relationship between men and women, how it can go wrong, how we cope. Her poems are tightly constructed as lines and images run into each other. Emotions and thoughts are described through imagery which can be startling or amusing as in "God on the Landing" where she describes a turkey roasting, "his ass golden in the oven"

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Karen O’Connor’s poetic universe in Between the Lines is thronged with close and extended family (many generations, living and dead), and the interactions range from tender to toxic.………. This is a collection by a woman who will be read avidly by women and feminists of a certain cast, because of the honesty of its account of family life…… They are tough poems, but not brutalist. They inspire hope of fuller communications, of richer exchanges, and the confessions are made in a tone of acceptance of human frailty. Mostly the poems tug heartstrings that one is pleased to have pulled and do so without sentimentality………….. There are also deliciously simple poems about female sexuality......

I found O’Connor’s a stunning collection with no false notes.
Associate Professor Frances Devlin-Glass
The Australasian Journal of Irish Studies Vol 11 2011

Between the Lines is published by DOGHOUSE
© Karen O'Connor, July 2011
ISBN 978-0-9565280-7-0

Cover Photograph: A Dry Sunday © Ray Foley

excerpts from the book

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